by White Stag

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released February 17, 2017

-Self recorded
-Drum tracking done by Paul Seguna
-Mix and Mastered by Jamie King
-Artwork by Mark Cooper

Richi Worboys- Vocals, Flute, Sax, Guitar
Damon Ownby- Guitar
Allen Finger- Bass
Eric Sublett- Drums, Synth



all rights reserved


White Stag Knoxville, Tennessee

4 Minds collectively conveying our realities into the language of music to try to make some sense of it all

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Track Name: Silent Riddles
Stutter, my silent eloquence
A ribbon piercing in the darkness
Scrawl in script the crux of my abyss
Before the days get grim.

I'm screaming lullabies to keep in grace
Wrapping my seeping wounds in lace
And scratching; clawing; tearing at my face
Hoping I don't grow dim.

Velvet ebon nothingness
Bane of everything I am
Skip the trepidation
And take me by the hand.

Ageless youth of mine
Tear out my eyes
So beautiful to hypnotize
Dead from the very stem.

I can see
The end
Of ourselves
It's in our nature
To fade
We're created
To fade
From birth
To earth.
From birth
To earth...
Track Name: Emergence
And I awoke to the sweetest dream
That I had ever known
Halfway between bliss and reverence
I kept my one eye closed.
Shades of black and blue and
Blurring amber are my home
But lured am I from the vastness of
My solitude to roam

Now waging integrity against malice
The most brutal struggle that I can't control
I awake to the sweetest dream
That I've ever known
And I awoke...
And I awoke...

The sound of waves never heard before
Led to lead myself to a new world
All my scales peel off
My lungs pump frantically
And I find that suddenly
My mind has been purged free
Clutched by shock and burned
I always wake desperately
Up to the sweetest dream

Under the waves the world was dark
But aeons later I have emerged.
My scales peel off, my lungs pump frantically
And I find my mind has been purged
Rising transfixed by a call
I neither hear nor understand
I seclude myself to task and heart
And storm the sacred grounds of man

Each breath is like the first
Each glimpse is a revelation
And with each step I am

Emerge and evolve
Immerse and reclaim
Track Name: Inhabitant
Pretentious have I become
In my sepulcherous reign
With the hubris of a lich king
I have grown blind and jaded

Through housefire and mutiny
I have been taught
A midnight coronation
For a lord unsought.
Track Name: Accidental Entity
Cold and lifeless mechanism
Cease the tampering thrust upon me now
I would bleed to fill eight cups
Before I see the clock as counting down

Darkness does descend so fluidly
As though the moon had
Slain the Son of all that you do mourn
All of the force of my life
Flows out now
Out into the liquid dark
And if you had not tricked me
Into a stupor you wouldn't have met your

(Fear. Regret .Misery.)

I bid you inherit these words
Misconceptions of reality
Make the greatest eulogies

Mark my words
You will not succeed in your conquest
For I created you.
Track Name: Soak Up The Fall
I walk in dissonance
I am nothingness
Inside is a void
I leap just to
Soak up the fall

Immersion thus I embark
Once more shrouded in the dark
Depth and pressure tide and change
Crown me king
I must immerse and reclaim